Meet the band

Four voices are heard on many of our numbers – in fact, four of our members met through singing in a cappella choruses. On vocals, Guy Gibson has an outstanding lead voice while Kerry Wright will take you back to the joy and the pain of those classic girls songs. Rich harmonies are provided by Michael Beilby and John Elmgreen, with the latter’s vocal bass lines occasionally providing a journey back to the doo wop era, and another occasional lead voice.

Bruce Stavert is on lead guitar and can rip out great bluesy lead solos. On keyboards we have Michael Beilby, with his quirky riffs (can a keyboard player have a sense of musical humour?). All of which is laid on top of the solid foundations provided by ace drummer Garnet Meekings and the bass guitar lines of John Elmgreen.

Guy Gibson

Kerry Wright

Michael Beilby

Bruce Stavert

John E

Garnet Meekings

Here is John E in his brief stint with Rocky Sharpe, a very long time ago: